Adapted from 'In the footsteps of Mallory and Irvine'
June 8 th1924…and suddenly he was falling. In the blink of an eye, George Mallory was off his feet. He held his breath, hoping it was no more than a slide and that it would soon come to an end. Instead, he continued downward. He began to gather momentum, the mountain he had coveted for so long rushing up past him. With the need to stop ever more urgent, his hands were suddenly empty – he’d dropped his ice axe.
During Mallory’s sliding descent, his right leg broke, just above the ankle and his frantic clawing at the slope caused his right arm to snap. At some point thereafter he suffered the last of his injuries, a heavy puncture wound to the forehead. Slowly, with his heartbeat thumping furiously in his ears, Mallory finally came to a standstill.
Three quarters of a century would pass before George Mallory’s body is discovered lying facedown high on the Everest slopes.

 Alpine Initiatives Interview 
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